Upcoming Projects


Down the Rabbit’s Hole

This was my first self-published short story. It is a fictionalized account of the point in my life when I finally forgave my birth father for abandoning my sister and I.

“As a young man ponder’s the thoughts of his father he takes a tumble down to a mysterious and fantastical world that lies deep beneath his own. Will he find the answers he seeks, or will he be consumed by madness?”




This is one of the projects I am currently working on. It is a collection of 31 short horror stories written by me. Some are inspired by urban legends and folklore while others are original works. I am planning to release it in Fall 2017.

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The Fabled: Dark Coven

This is an experimental spin-off of my main fantasy series, Celestial Trinity. It takes place in the same universe, but instead of exploring an alternate world this book takes place on Earth. It follows a group of young warriors who are the offspring of fairy tale legends.

Checkout my inkshares page for more information, or to pre-order your own copy!




cscCelestial Trinity: Awakened

This is my main fantasy series, and it will be my main focus for years to come. I have been working on it and building the lore for fourteen years. It follows a group of super-powered youths, known as the Hallowed, on their journey to save the world from a dark god. It takes place in a world where fairy tales and magic are real, but they are far more dangerous than any bedtime story you may be familiar with.

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