My name is Robert Boudreau. I am a writer, equal rights supporter, and LGBTQ activist. I am currently pursuing my BA in creative writing at Southern New Hampshire University. More than that, I will be your tour guide through the many magical and wonderous worlds I have to share with you. Tour guide sounds too official, so maybe something more whimsical? I got it, I’ll be your fairy guide! I am a huge fan of the fantasy and horror genres. Writing has been a passion of mine for over fourteen years, and last year I was able to independently publish my first short story, Down the Rabbit’s hole, through It was my real first step towards becoming a professional writer, and this has helped me take an important step towards reaching my professional goals.

My writing is heavily influenced by mythology, folklore, and urban legends from around the world. I have studied everything from classic horror, fairy tales, mythology, and even modern viral trends. I have found myself interested in writing stories for teenagers and young adults, but I would also like to do a series of books for children. Currently, my focus is on three projects; my horror anthology entitled Pantophobia, an experimental novel series entitled The Fabled, and my first fantasy novel series Celestial Trinity. My goals are to get at least two of these into circulation by the end of next year. Mostly, I want to inspire others to explore their imagination just as the great writers of the past have inspired me.

This website is a way for me to connect with the readers of my books. You can look forward to weekly writing prompts, concepts for my books, Q&As, as well as personal life updates from yours truly! You can find these in the blog section of the website. My goal is to cater to different audiences by including a bit of something for everyone! I look forward to interacting with all of you and working together to build a community.

Your fairy guide,